Welcome to Marco Vigni - Architecture and Design

English Projects

After having completed a number of projects in central London, I fell in love with Bath and started working in the area. I discovered that the area is very popular amongst clients of mine who have restored properties in Italy. The connection is hardly surprising as my ancestors were here 2000 years ago!


"Design" is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system and this is something I am passionate about. I like building things and experimenting with interesting materials from my country. I design and construct luxury loungers, lighting, kitchens and furniture as well as importing the best of Italy.

Italian Projects

Vigni is a well known name in the building industry as the family business has 60 years of experience in Tuscany. We have built and restored bespoke homes for English & American clients in the Tuscan areas of Chianti, Cortona, San Gimiganano, & Florence as well as in the Umbria region. We also offer a consultancy service for all aspects of owning a property.

Current Projects